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‎Bubble BallBubble Ball has been downloaded over 16 million times!

NEW! Community Levels – make your own levels for Bubble Ball, and play levels created by others!

Go to naygames.com/create on your computer to get started making your own levels!

Try this fun, new physics puzzle game, where you will test your ingenuity and thinking skills to get the bubble to the goal.

Use the pieces and powerups provided, and come up with creative solutions! There are two types of pieces, wood and metal. Wood pieces are affected by gravity when you hit Start, while metal ones stay where you placed them. Use powerups to give the bubble speed boosts and even reverse gravity! Don't like the blue bubble? Make it a different color! Don't want to start at the beginning? You can skip around to your liking and jump right into the 156 available exciting levels (48 are free; then buy the full version of Bubble Ball for all 156).

A great game to test your logical thinking skills, and to play whenever you're bored!

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